AI Essentials: Your First Steps into Artificial Intelligence

Embark on a one-hour journey through the AI landscape, exploring key applications like ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard, and their roles in tech innovation. Discover essential AI use cases and gain insight into the future of AI in customer service chatbots.

Session Outline

1 hour duration – Intermediate skill level

In this course you’ll embark on a one-hour journey through the AI landscape, examining key applications like ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard, and their roles in tech innovation. We’ll cover essential AI use cases, from customer service chatbots to creative content generation and beyond, highlighting how these technologies enhance productivity and creativity. The session also emphasizes the importance of privacy and ethical considerations in AI, ensuring you understand the best practices for responsible use. With an interactive Q&A to address your queries and a closing that points you towards further AI exploration, this course is your gateway to confidently navigating the world of artificial intelligence.

Chapter 1

1 minutes


Quick welcome and what to expect from the course.

Chapter 2

9 minutes

Types of AI Applications

Overview of different AI platforms and what they offer.

  • ChatGPT: Engaging in natural language conversations
  • Bing: Searching with integrated AI capabilities
  • Bard: Google’s take on conversational AI
Chapter 3

10 minutes

AI in Daily Use

How AI is used in everyday scenarios.

  • Chatbots: Enhancing customer support
  • Assistants: Managing tasks and information
  • Data Analysts: Turning data into insights
Chapter 4

10 minutes

Creative AI at Work

AI’s role in content creation and media.

  • Image Generators: Crafting visuals with AI
  • Voice Synthesis: Creating natural-sounding speech
  • Video AI: Automating video editing and production
Chapter 5

10 minutes

AI for Accessibility

AI’s impact on making technology more accessible.

  • Across Devices: Seamless AI integration
  • Voice Recognition: Simplifying interactions
  • Adaptive Tech: Personalizing user experiences
Chapter 6

10 minutes

AI, Privacy, and Safety

Discussing the importance of safe AI use.

  • Data Privacy: Protecting user information
  • Security Measures: Keeping AI interactions safe
  • Safety Practices: Ensuring responsible AI use
Chapter 7

9 minutes

Interactive Q&A Session

Time for participants to ask questions and get answers.

Chapter 8

1 minutes

Conclusion and Next Steps

Summing up the session and how to continue learning about AI.

Please Note:

The durations listed for each chapter are approximate. Due to the interactive and organic nature of the course, we may spend more time on topics that resonate with you. The session is flexible, and I encourage us to focus on areas that you find most relevant and engaging.

The time is yours to use how you wish, ensuring that we cover what’s most important to you.

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