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Discover the best deals on AI education with AI with Phil Deals, offering affordable and accessible learning opportunities for all ages. Benefit from special discounts and tailored package deals, ensuring comprehensive learning without breaking the bank.

Discover the best deals on AI education with “AI with Phil Deals”! Dive into a world where learning AI is made affordable and accessible for everyone, from kids and students to seniors. Benefit from special discounts, including 20% off for group enrollments and a whopping 30% off for institutional partnerships. Whether you’re an individual eager to explore AI or an organization aiming to empower your team, “AI with Phil Deals” offers tailored package deals that ensure comprehensive learning without breaking the bank. Explore popular courses and seize the opportunity for discounted rates and package deals to kickstart your AI journey today!

Discounted Rates & Package Deals

Invest in Learning & Save!

I’m passionate about making AI knowledge accessible to everyone. That’s why, in addition to my standard course offerings, I have special discounted rates for kids, students, and seniors.

Furthermore, I believe in fostering a community of continuous learners. To support institutions, organizations, or groups looking to embark on the AI journey together, I offer attractive bulk pricing discounts.

Bulk Pricing Discount

  • Group Enrollments: Enroll a group of 10 or more individuals in any of my courses and receive a 20% discount on the total cost.
  • Institutional Partnerships: For educational institutions or businesses looking to train their teams, I offer a 30% discount for enrollments exceeding 50 individuals.

Let’s make the journey of AI discovery and mastery accessible and affordable for everyone!

Interested in multiple courses or sessions?

Reach out to me, and I’ll design a package that offers both comprehensive learning and value for money.

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