Unlock the potential of AI with Phil's expert insights and stay ahead of the game. Discover the latest trends and innovations in artificial intelligence.

Requirements for AI with Phil Courses

As basic as it gets!

Technical Setup

  • Computer Access: Ensure you have access to a computer with a mic and camera or a capable tablet.
  • Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is essential for seamless learning and interaction.

Experience & Knowledge

  • No prior computer or programming experience is necessary. My courses are designed to be accessible to everyone.
  • Software Costs: No need to invest in paid software. I focus on tools that are available for free.

Installation & Setup

Guided Setup: Don’t worry about complicated setups. I’ll walk you through, step-by-step, ensuring you have all the necessary software installed and ready to go!

Embarking on your AI journey has never been easier. With minimal requirements and a guided approach, you’re set to dive into the world of AI with Phil.

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AI Solutions
Everyday Problem Solving with AI

Skill Level: Intermediate – Duration: 1 hour

Session 1
Navigating the Digital World

Skill Level: Beginner – Duration: 30 minutes

AI for Business
Transforming Operations and Strategy

Skill Level: Advanced – Duration: 1 hour